currentsinbiology: I think Pruitt has made it …


I think Pruitt has made it pretty clear that he is not interested in scientific advice that conflicts with his profits and the profits of his friends.

EPA fires members of science advisory board

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fired members of a scientific advisory board yesterday.

The agency quietly forced out some members of the Board of Scientific
Counselors just weeks after leaders told them their tenure would be
renewed, said Robert Richardson, an ecological economist at Michigan
State University and one of those dismissed.

The board is tasked with reviewing the work of EPA scientists and
provides feedback that can be a powerful voice in shaping the agency’s
future research. The cuts “just came out of nowhere,” Richardson said.

“The role that science has played in the agency in the past, this
step is a significant step in a different direction,” he said today.
“Anecdotally, based on what we know about the administrator, I think it
will be science that will appear to be friendlier to industry, the
fossil fuel industry, the chemical industry, and I think it will be
science that marginalizes climate change science.”

EPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.